Customer Sucess Is Our Sucsess

             Yashna Circuit is the PCB manufacturer based in (Mumbai ) India. We are supplying to top names in electronics such as BEL,Wipro, Tata Power, BPL Telecom, Electronumatic Hydraulic Ltd. We have oversea Customers Smart Power, USA & ClassD Design, UK

         We can supply the complete line of PCB products to meet your requirement.  We have been consistently delivering the highest quality of PCB products at very competitive prices.  What’s more, our team maintains an excellent standard of customer service, both in terms of on-time delivery and responsive technical services.

                Yashna Circuit fully meets the international quality standards & having membership with IPCA ( INDIA ). Yashna Circuit PCB quality standard is approved by C-DOT, CTCA, Indian Telecom & Major Public sector Companies.

        Yashna Circuits believes that the secret of success is customer Satisfaction, which is possible by understanding meeting theirrequirement promptly.  The repeat orders from our customers Vouch for quality of our PCB with prompt on time delivery.  The Customers of Yashna Circuits always feel secure and stay with Yashna Circuits always for their needs.

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