Multilayer PCB 

There is a increased demand for products using the Multilayer PCB.To reduce size of product & for betterfunctionality which depends on the interconnection between the layers that it is made up of. Without microvia production improvements, PCB manufacturers are forced to increase product size to improve performance. The increasing cost of property is driving all industries to seek smaller products, lowering the demand for end products that contain thick, high-layer count printed circuit boards.

How I stack Multilayer PCB?

For High speed design

Layer 1 ----------------------------Device and signal1

Layer 2 ----------------------------Power plane

Layer 3 ----------------------------GND plane

Layer 4 ----------------------------Signal 2

Layer 5 ----------------------------GND plane

Layer 6 ----------------------------Signal 3

Layer 7 ----------------------------Signal 4

Layer 8 ----------------------------GND plane

Layer 9 ----------------------------Signal 5

Layer 10--------------------------- GND plane

Layer 11 ---------------------------Power plane

Layer 12----------------------------Devices and signal 6

Technical specifications for Multilayer PCB's



Board types

Multilayer up to 12 Layers

Board Profiling

CNC Rout


Pierce Blank & Return

Minimum PWB trace width

5 mil ( 0.127 mm )

Minimum Track Width to feature spacing

5 mil ( 0.127 mm )

Smallest drilled hole

0.4 mm

Material Thickness

0.4 mm - 3.2 mm

Copper Thickness

Up to 6 oz Cu

Max board size

600 mm x 450mm

Standard Surface finish

Hot Air Solder Level

Alternative finishes

Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold


Electroless Tin Lead


Hard Gold ( edge contact )


Bare Board Test

Bed of Nails

Double-sided flying probe test

Solder mask

Photoimageable Resist with green, red,black,white & yellow colors.

Gold plate

Edge connectors Touch Pads

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